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How to host Website On google Drive

In This Post I am going to give you the method How to host Your Website On your Google Drive For free SSL Certificate.

So Hey Readers In this Post You Learn How can you Host Your Website Free With using Google Drive account, So Lets Start.

First of all Make one new Google Drive Account. Don’t use your personal account, just because its you safety.


Only new Gmail Account without any data.

So First Login Google Drive with your new Gmail account.

Then Make a New Folder and give and then name the folder you want to keep for the website, if you choose your website name like, ml or any domains you like, then your folder you right your folder name or any domain you which you like.

How to host website on your google drive
Convert your google drive into web hosting

Note : Your website name and your Google drive folder name both are same.

After complete this Now go to and sinup with your google account. now it ask for permission for edit, delete and modify your google drive files, then click on the allow button

How to Use Your Google Drive As Like Hosting a website

After Click Allow Button, You land on Admin control page and you see one link, like give in screenshort.

host website using google drive
How to set your google drive to host website

Open This Link and you see your website runing.. but you see your link is too long so lets short your link using costom domain.

How to Set Costom Domain on Your Google Drive Website :

Now go to for register an domain, Create an account and search your domain like i am using

After select your domain click on checkout button and now you successfully get your domain.

Now go to My domain option and click on manage domain and now click on Management Tools and click to Nameserver, then select “Use default nameservers” then click Change nameservers.

Its take some time for Updating nameservers, SO you wait for it.

Now click on Manage Domain DNS.

Here We will create New record for point our google drive website, So Click On New Record Button.

In type option we select CNAME and In name section we enter WWW, and in Target paste your website link and click on save button.

Its take some time for saving Your Record So wait some time and after Your Record updated you will access your Google Drive website using your costom domain.

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