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How to Make Google RDP for Free

Hello Guys and Welcome Back on our New Method here I am teach you How to Make Google RDP for Free

What is RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft which provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection. The user employs RDP client software for this purpose, while the other computer must run RDP server software.

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How To Connect RDP on Your Windows?

All Windows PC or Windows servers have the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) tool available as part of the default installation. That include older versions of Windows such as windows 7 and 8. If you want to connect to a windows Remote Desktop using another windows PC, you can use this tool.

To connect to a Windows Remote Desktop on another Windows PC or Server


1. Press Windows key + R on your keyboard, type mstsc into the Run dialog box, then press OK to launch the Remote Desktop Connection tool. Alternatively, press the Start button, then press Windows Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.
2. Type the IP address or hostname of your Windows Remote Desktop in the Computer text box, then press Show Options.
3. Type the username you’ll use to connect to your Windows Remote Desktop in the User name box.

How to Connect Windows Remote Desktop on MacOS ?

Microsoft offers its own Remote Desktop app for macOS, which can be installed from the App Store. The interface for the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is similar to the iOS and Android clients offered by Microsoft for mobile users, so many of the steps below will be similar on those platforms.

To connect to a Windows Remote Desktop using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on macOS:

1. Click the Add PC button (if you haven’t already added a remote connection) or press the + button > Add PC.
2. Type the hostname or IP address for your Windows Remote Desktop in the PC name box.
3. To add a username and password to your connection, click the User account drop-down menu and select Add a user account. Provide the username and password you’ll use to connect, then press the Add button.
4. If you’re connecting to an RDP server on an enterprise network, you may need to provide a Remote Desktop Gateway address. You can add this by selecting Add Gateway under the Gateway drop-down menu.
5. Confirm the display quality, resolution, and color settings under the Display tab.

How to Connect RDP on Mobile?

  1. First of all Download RD client Application from Playstore.
  2. Now Tap + icon on top corner.
  3. Then Enter The IP.
  4. Enter User Name and Password.

Now you Know How to Connect RDP on every Devices. Now we discuss about Method of RDP.

Method of How to Make Google RDP for Free.


  • Minimum 90 Days Old Google Account.
  • Internet Connection.
  • PC or Mobile Device with RDP software.


  • Go to And Sign In With Your Google Account.
  • Choose India in The Country List.
  • Set Your Status To Individual And Tax Payer Status to Unregistered. Leave The Pan # Empty.
  • Fill Any Indian Address And Any 10 Digits Phone Number.
  • Now Come To Credit Card Section.
  • Go To Nasmo-gen
  • And Paste This Cc Bin Into it: 547115xxxxxxxxxx (Airtel Payments Bank Bin).
  • Generate Credit Cards And Paste One Into The Credit Card Section Of Google Cloud Website.
  • Enter Any Date And Proceed.
  • Now a New Window Will Open And It Will Ask For Cvv.
  • Enter Any 3 Digits Number And Proceed.
  • Now One More Window Will Appear And Will Ask You To Verify Your Card.
  • Wait For a Minute And Close The Window Also The cvv Window.
  • Now Go To
  • You Have Successfully Created a Google Cloud Account.

Steps to Get VPS.

  • Go to Console Of Your Google Cloud Account.
  • Click On ‘Compute Engine‘ On The Left Side And Then Create a New Vm Instance.
  • Create The Instance. Select Your Memory And Operating System.
  • Click On Create. Now Wait For Some Time.
  • Congrats You Have Successfully Created a VPS Of Google Cloud.
Note: The Google cloud account must be 90 days Older Otherwise Google Will Ask You To Upload Documents For Your Card And This RDP Will Work Only For 10 Days So After 10 Days Repeat This Process Other Google Account.
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