You are currently viewing Huawei’s industry-leading ransomware solution first to be Tolly Group-certified – Computerworld

Huawei’s industry-leading ransomware solution first to be Tolly Group-certified – Computerworld

In an increasingly digital economy, ransomware might seem unstoppable without security measures in place to proactively detect and prevent it—especially with the relentless cycle of new phishing scams, malware attacks, and cybersecurity threats.

By 2025, Gartner predicts that at least 75% of IT organizations will have experienced at least one ransomware attack; Cybersecurity Ventures echoes this by expecting an average of one ransomware attack on a business every 11 seconds. The dangers of the digital world are relentless; without protection, there is no such thing as secure data. The reality is that ransomware is hard to detect, have long incubation periods, and may have a costly impact on services and business for long periods.

Breaking down anti-ransomware requirements

But what makes a good solution? It should have the right defense systems on the network side, the host side, and the storage side to best optimize data resilience. Protections for these different levels have different priorities, not unlike the relationship between door access controls and coffers.

A good anti-ransomware solution needs to be multilayered, seamlessly integrated, and have clean backup data for optimal recovery. And most of all, given ransomware’s adaptable, ever-shifting nature, good protection must be tailored to the situation at hand, and be able to utilize a range of flexible portfolio solutions. 

Meet Huawei’s world-class ransomware solution

Leading the industry is Huawei’s Multilayer Ransomware Protection (MRP) Solution. It offers two lines of defense with six layers of protection and is more accurate, more comprehensive, and more lightweight than its predecessor.

The MRP Solution complies with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework for enterprise data resilience, having passed all 21 test cases including detection, blocking, protection, and recovery. In 2024, Huawei’s MRP Solution was the first protection solution of its kind certified by Tolly Group at MWC Barcelona for detecting 100% of ransomware through network-storage collaboration. 

Huawei Multilayer Ransomware Protection (MRP) Solution


Huawei’s MRP Solution is a six-layer systematic system comprising two layers dedicated to networking and the other four to storage: detection and analysis, secure snapshots, backup recovery, and isolation zone protection. Its backup protection uses in-depth parsing to ensure clean data for a strong recovery, with up to 172 TB/h recovery bandwidth. Industry-leading implementation of flash storage and multi-stream backup architecture means significantly faster service recovery and minimal interruptions after detecting malicious encryption. The entire solution has a plug-and-play data card for added flexibility and versatility.

Strong storage protection ensures a strong recovery

One of the key components of a well-integrated ransomware protection solution is a robust storage protection system with multiple fail safes. Where the network is the first layer of security against ransomware, storage is the last line of defense to protect data.

Here, Huawei employs a 3-2-1-1 strategy: three copies of important data, at least two types of storage media, one offsite copy, and one extra copy in the air-gapped isolation zone. The last clean data copy in isolation is used for quick recovery from attacks. Better network-storage collaboration means better proactive defense, including using honeyfiles to attract attackers, and improved recovery speed.

With the growing sophistication of ransomware, businesses can’t afford to underestimate the immediate impact it has on their services—from business outage to data loss—as well as long-term ones such as eroded customer trust and regulatory fines. They must prioritize data resilience and security in an age where data is the backbone of the economy. Huawei offers a world-class ransomware solution that paves the way in proactively defending against changing threats, deploys comprehensive storage protection strategies, and spares no effort in the war against malicious actors.

Learn more about how Huawei’s MRP Solution can work for you here.


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