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How to run Rooted Apps on unrooted phones

So Hey Guys, Welcome back again on our new Blog post, Today You can get the Method of How to Run Rooted Apps on your Unrooted phones.

Hello Readers I am RK. and Today we can discuss about an App Vmos, by Using this App you can Run all Rooted Application on your Unrooted Android phones.

What is Vmos and Vmos pro ?

Vmos an Android Application thats help you to create Virtual Space on your android Device or phone, Like Virtual Box or VM Ware Work stations. Its same as virtual box or VM Ware but here only diffrence in Vmos, You can create only Virtual Android Space.

Its Amazing because you can run unwanted android apps without any risk of data leake.

But But But!

There is one problem you can’t run rooted apps on Vmos, Because its Required Pro Version of Vmos App. So I am Give you the link of pro Version of Vmos Application.

Download Vmos Pro : Click Here

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Can’t run Vmos on You Android ?

If Vmos Not run On your Android Device so its only reasion your device not capable for run because,

Its Required minium 3GB Ram and 32GB Rom (Internal Stroage) and Android 4.1 or high.

How to Run Rooted Apps Without Root ?

First Download the Vmos pro Application from given link.

After installing open and Click on “+” Screen.
Now you can see many Roms but we want to run Rooted Apps on unrooted phone, so here we select Geek Roms so select rom Geek rom5.1 ROOT Xposed. its Only 157MBs.

After Download Click on Start Button for Launch Your Rooted Android system, Its Take some time in first time about 3 to 4 mins so wait.

Now you Can See You Virtual Machine (VM) interface. Its Android 5.1 Version. Now you can install all rooted apps on this Machine and run.

Some Important Questions About Vmos Application

Q1. Does Vmos run on Cloud Platform ?

Ans. No, its run on Localy, Including your Phone Ram and Rom.

Q2. What type of data Vmos Collected?

Ans. Vmos collect your phone Stroage and Your Phone Model and error logs for better user experiances.

Q3. I can’t see the vmos Floting button?

Ans. For Floting button, Give the Grand permissonon your real System

Q4. How to Activate Xposed ?

Ans. Restart your Rom After Xposed Installed

Q5. Why I can’t install magisk?

Vmos and magisk need to adapted so its take some time.

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