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Apple now offers a complete AI ecosystem – Computerworld

After all, if you squint, you can just about see M4 Macs appearing at the top of that nearby hill now the iPad Pro has that chip. We also think new iPhones are very likely to be already rolling off production lines, and both the iPad Air and iPad Pro already host compatible chips.  So, if you’re in the market for new hardware, it’s on the way, but tens of millions of people won’t need to upgrade to try Apple’s new genAI shiny.

Competitors are gasping

When it comes to Apple Silicon — the fire horse on which AI rides in the newly rebirthed Apple universe — take note that it has taken competitors, even those working with Arm reference designs, literally years to even begin to catch up with the computational power and energy efficiency Apple’s designers achieved. 

With a road map to M4 and beyond already in place, Apple is quite evidently telling us that when it comes to processors the speed argument is done, dusted, and won. And don’t get me started on privacy after the Microsoft Recall farce.


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